Shannon Morgan

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Spinster Francine Thwaite lives a solitary life with only the company of Bree, dear Bree, the ghost of a young girl. Francine prefers the quiet dead to the scornful living. In chosen isolation, she tends and protects her ancestral home; a rambling Elizabethan manor steeped in centuries of Thwaite tragedy. 

But heartbreak shatters Francine’s quiet life when her estranged sister, Madeleine, shows up with a dreadful tale: fifty years before, their brutal father drowned two of their siblings in the manor’s well, then vanished. One sibling was their little brother. The other was Bree. 

Francine remembers none of it. She remembers nothing before the age of five. 

Now something evil has infected Thwaite Manor; something from their harrowing past. Bree is hounded from the only home she’s known, and Madeleine is bruised nightly by an unseen fist. But when that cold hand tries to push Francine into the same well Bree drowned in, it triggers a deeply suppressed memory. A memory of Francine’s five-year-old self, cold and terrified in the well, and someone whispering a warning in her ear: Don’t make a sound.

As the ghostly infection intensifies, unbearable memories emerge that force Francine to confront the shocking role she and Bree played in the family tragedy all those years ago. Now Francine faces a terrible choice: to expel the vengeful malevolence destroying her home demands the loss of what she holds most dear, her beloved Bree.

Her Little Flowers explores themes of loneliness, forgiveness, the corrosive power of secrets and the bonds of sisterhood, unbroken even in death. It will appeal to readers of Eve Chase and Anita Frank, as well as fans of Shirley Jackson, where the gothic lens is focused on the domestic scene.

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